Warning Signs: Elementary and Secondary

  • Consistently struggle with reading, writing, and spelling?
  • Read slowly and inaccurately?
  • Become visibly tired after reading for only a short time?
  • Have difficulty memorizing math facts and or spelling words?
  • Replace words in context with words of a similar shape (girl-grill, house-horse, from-form)?
  • Misspell or misread high frequency sight words (they, what, where, and because)?

If your child exhibits 3 or more of these symptoms, and there is a family history of struggling with reading, writing, and spelling, please contact DTIS for more information.

Although dyslexia is lifelong, children frequently and successfully respond to appropriate interventions and accommodations.

For more information on dyslexia, go to www.BrightSolutions.US or International Dyslexia Association at www.interdys.org.